Mister & Lady
Mister & Lady Mister & Lady
Mister & Lady Mister & Lady
Mister & Lady Mister & Lady

Mister and Lady are bonded male and female siblings. They were released to a shelter after living in a car with their long time owner. We don't know all of the story of these two and never will. We feel they may have suffered years of not being treated as well as they should have, they are very slow at trusting new people and are not real big on being handled. Mister was covered in scars when we got him, but over the months have shown that they are healing well. They lost all their teeth- but do just fine without them. They had no house manners when we got them and after time and patience they have learned to use the dog door and let themselves in and out for business. They have a fun and silly side and love to play with toys, Lady likes to pack hers around and Mister loves to try to kill the toy, it is funny to watch the toothless fella kill the toy!

They are a bit fearful of the leash and are not dogs that need to go for walks, they are perfectly happy to have a home with a dog door and a nice fenced yard, please no acceptations, a fenced yard is an absolute must for these two. At night they sleep together in a large crate, but in the right home we're sure they would love to cuddle up in the bed which every IG would love!

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