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Jackson Jackson
Jackson Jackson
Jackson Jackson

Meet Jackson. Jack is a very handsome, 16-month-old Italian and he’s all puppy. Jack gets along with all dogs, of every size and shape. He finds comfort and confidence in other dogs and should go to a home with another dog(s). More than anything, Jack loves his person and he will bond fiercely with them. Jack is very cuddly and lovey with his person and you’ll forever have a shadow. He loves to play with toys and a game of fetch brings out the best in him. Jack knows lots of commands including sit, down, touch and wait. He knows, but needs more help with; stay, come and off. He has done really great with learning good potty habits and he will alert you with cues when he has to go outside or if I’m not fully attentive he’ll take himself through a dog door that leads to potty pads set up in the garage. He will sleep solidly throughout the night, once he’s comfortable with you, your house and your routine. It took him about a week to figure it out and now he’s sleeping like a champ. Jack is still a young pup and he has puppy behavior to back that up. Jack thinks it enormously fun to steal things off the counter top and play keep-a-way with whatever his cache is. Some of his very favorite toys are rolled up socks or shoes accidentally left out.

Don’t be fooled by his good looks, he has the eyes of an old soul but the heart of a puppy. Jack needs help understanding healthy boundaries and would do really well with someone that enjoys teaching and helping dogs along. Jack loves to go places and is learning good manners in the car. We’ve had some challenges in crate training Jack, despite deploying all the tricks we know. He may not be a crate dog or he might just require more time than most to have a level of comfort with crates. He’s good on a leash and loves going for walks or he’s happy to go to the dog park. Jack should be with another dog that likes/wants to play as he has a tendency to overwhelm senior dogs with his puppyness and intensity of play. Jack would prefer his person be around more than not. He’s OK if you leave for periods of time and he’s not destructive at all, but he does have very low-level separation anxiety and would just prefer his person is around. He’s also looking for an active owner, someone that will take him for daily walks or play a good round of fetch. He’s very food motivated and has a healthy appetite. He has a clean bill of health and his teeth are currently beautiful. Jack is a great dog and just needs time to adjust to a new environment and build trust with his people. Once he has those two things, you’ll see this boy blossom into a dog that is funny, smart, playful and a touch naughty for good measure.

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