Duchess and Glory
Duchess and Glory Duchess and Glory
Duchess and Glory Duchess and Glory

These adorable petite little girls are sisters age 7 and a bonded pair. They have been together since birth and will do so much better together than separated. On that note they must be adopted together so they can continue to thrive and love each other and you.

When they arrived to us they were shy, reserved and cautious. During the last 3 weeks they have developed into sweet, lovable, playful, charming and outgoing pups.

Patience pays double in these little girls as they settle in and play, curl up next to you and give double the love.

Their previous owner did so many things right with them. Allowing them to become confident and well adjusted while teaching great potty habits, crate training and leash manners.

Because their previous owner was home most of the time we are looking for the same for their forever home.

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