Azul Azul
Azul Azul

I’m Azul and I’m five years old. I need a special forever home because I’m a special dog. I’m shy at first, but when I’m comfortable with you, I love to flop on you for a cuddle and rest my head on your shoulder. I’m sweet and lovable, and I always wag my tail when I see those who care for me. I like people of all ages, but I prefer a home that is calm and predictable. I’m comfortable around other dogs, but I don’t need them to be happy. I like walks, but I’m also content to stay home. I’m a bit of a homebody and really like hanging out in my crate. I love food and gobble it up quickly even though I’m missing a few teeth. I’m very tolerant of getting bathed, which is a good thing because a bath with special shampoo helps my alopecia, I don’t even mind getting my nails trimmed. I need to take one pill a day to keep my one eye healthy, but overall I’m strong and in great shape. My prosthetic eyeball, snaggleteeth, and bald patch may not be what you’re expecting when looking for a forever pet, but my foster mom calls me “darling” and “adorable” and loves that it looks like I’m always winking at her. I’m a gentle soul and would be a loving companion.

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