Jenna Jenna
Jenna Jenna

Jenna is sweet in nature and timid, she has been handled roughly in her past but shows so much in wanting to be someone's special dog. She loves to follow you wherever you go, loves to cuddle up next to you and receive praise and pats, the way I look at Jenna is, she just wants approval, I believe she didn't have this before.

Jenna has been diagnosed with PRA, this is a degenerative eye disease that can cause total blindness, but in many dogs they do not loose total eyesight. Jenna can see figures in light, but cannot see well at night. Once she learns the map of her surroundings she does very, very well. The thing about PRA is that it isn't painful, no medications needed, no repair can be done, and no frequent visit to the eye Doctor is required.

With a watchful eye she has good potty habits, she does very well on leash also, even with poor eyesight she still enjoys a good walk. She is crate trained. Jenna is 10 years old.

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