Wilber Wilber

Wilber is 9 years old, but you wouldn't know it by his energy and his playful ways. He acts like a 4 year old and has lots of energy and love to give!

Wilber has great attributes - He is house trained- He loves his person with total admiration and loyalty- He loves to go for car rides- He loves to go for walks and is popular amongst the neighborhood- he may be 9 years old, but certainly doesn't act like it, and is very trainable.

Wilber's biggest down fall is he wants to be with you all the time! So if you can't handle a full time companion Wilber is not the dog for you!

Wilber came to us very obese, weighting in at about 28 pounds when we got him, he has lost a good 10-11 pounds and looking good! We would want his new home to continue on making sure he stays at a healthy weight. Wilber would do well in a home with older children, probably not super well with cats but in a home that is willing to work it out (he is trainable) this would be ok.

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