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Zip Zip

Zip is what we would call a big Iggy, coming into rescue a bit overweight he was a whopping 23 pounds, he is now looking real fine at 19-20 pounds which seems to suit his frame nicely. Zip has always been with other IG's and he does really well with them, he is most always cuddling with his foster Brothers and Sisters. Though he gets along fine with all the dogs, I think he would prefer to be the only male. He readily uses a dog door and has learned to be comfortable in his crate. His potty habits are OK, but he needs a belly band for the first week or two until he gets the routine down of what you expect of him, as with most IG's he needs an extra push to go outside on cold rainy days.

Zipper as I like to call him, is very loyal to his person, he does love his person and will keep a loving eye on what your doing. He loves to go for car rides and really loves walks, he loves to claim his space beside me on the couch with his head in my lap. When we first got Zip he was a bit worried and aloof around men, however he has done really well and decided that men are not so scary. Zip would make a great addition to any family. Please consider adding a senior dog to your family, older dogs need love too!

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